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Ahhh!! I need school to be over with too!! Too bad that's not in my fuutre until AUGUST! Ugh. Be prepared to hear me complain, A LOT. Thinking of ideas for Sophs birthday .mhmmm maybe I can make her birthday cupcakes!!! Love you!!


The pictures are betaiuful! Not just of Luis,Ericka,Luis,& Isaac but all your photos. Glad you share them. Hope to see you when I come down after the baby is born. And how are you feeling? Call your grandmother as she is worried about you and wants to know how you made out at the dr.sLove you,Aunt Wendy

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no.. I persist in asking politely so he punches me in the face I have a nose bleed. I go up stairs to speak to the director of the airport oh yeah this is not so unusual. the guy who has done it is the head of security. the head of the airport has this kind of stuff a lot the director is not embarassed or thinking that maybe the head of security should be replaced or something or even that I should make a formal complaint.. I make the director come down to the security gate with me to make sure my film is not destroyed deliberately.. but I have always had a sneaking dislike of Croatia because of that incident the head of security at an international airport punched me in the face for asking a polite question?. the director of the national airport thinks that is OK ? .. even the officials at the airport in Goma during the height of the Rwanda Crisis when their airport and runway was awash with refugees (the bodies piling up at the edge of the runway) were polite. er. corrupt.. but polite.Cheers Jez XX

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Can I make a suggestion for the book (or on this site)? One thing I would find useful is if you split the emotion stuff into two different categories (per emotion). One for external and one for internal. Like, sometimes I am searching for emotion ideas to help me show what a secondary character is thinking/feeling, and I have to wade through a lot of internal ones that I can't use. Anyway, if these were just split into different columns, it might be easier to find things.I think a book is a great idea! Have you thought about doing a non-fic proposal and trying to get an agent for it? I would assume you'd need to provide unique user (and recurring user) hit stats because this blog would essentially be your platform. If you could get a very high consistent number of unique hits per day, you might have enough to open someone's eyes. I think it would have to be an impressive number though.

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